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Physician Advocacy Resources

Please continue to check back periodically as these resources are updated often to help you find ways to get involved. For more resources surrounding healthcare advocacy, please click here.

Finding Your Elected Official(s) – Use the link below to identify your elected official(s) and obtain their contact information

Click Here to Find Your Elected Official(s)

Contact your lawmakers today and urge them to support SB 899 and SB 612 – Use the links below to contact your lawmakers on these issues.

SB 899 – Legislation that ensures physicians and other health care providers responding to the COVID-19 pandemic are provided immunity regarding medical liability while working through these extremely challenging and nearly unprecedented times. Contact your lawmakers today and urge them to support SB 899.

SB 612 – Prior authorization and step therapy/fail first requirements hamstring treatment, drive up non-adherence to medication and lead to diminished health. It’s onerous and needless insurance company bureaucracy, and it’s negatively affecting patients, physicians, providers and their practices. Please contact your lawmakers today and urge them to support SB 612.

Click Here – SB 612 Supports #FixPriorAuth Because #HealthCantWait

Help put the Needs of Patients First and Consider a Balanced Solution to the Issue of Unanticipated Out-of-Network Bills

Patients should not be penalized if their health insurer does not provide an acceptable network  and should not be responsible for costs beyond what they would have paid for an in-network physician.

Click Here – Stop Lawmakers From Giving Insurers More Leverage Over Physicians