Patient-Centered Care

Efficient, timely, and coordinated
care that improves health outcomes

The Right Care, at the Right Time

Using evidence-based practices to make
informed decisions about patient care

Value in Healthcare

Great Lakes OSC has ranked #1 in the state of Michigan
for quality of care for the past 2 years while also demonstrating
low costs for care

Welcome to Great Lakes Physicians Organization

Great Lakes Physicians Organization strives to provide our patients with high-quality, low-cost care and to improve all health outcomes through better coordination of care between health care providers.

High Quality of Care

Great Lakes OSC providers use the most up-to-date guidelines and technologies to provide our patients with the highest quality of care possible, delivered in the most timely fashion possible.

Emphasis on Efficiency

Great Lakes OSC providers operate within an efficient network to provide optimal utilization of services for common conditions, procedures, and labs.

Patient-Centered Care

Great Lakes OSC providers operate around the Patient Centered Medical Home and Patient Centered Medical Home Neighbor model, emphasizing patient control and patient-centered delivery of care, which means that there will be no gaps or miscommunications occurring in the course of patient care, regardless of setting or provider.